Sports Parent Presentations

CIF Sports Parent Presentation is a new program that features a “CIF” speaker, a “Parents Guide to A Successful Sport Experience” and a videotape on “What Kids want Their Parents to Know about Sportsmanship.” This 45-minute presentation is a perfect complement or supplement to any school parent function. Topics that the speakers cover include:

I. Goals

Parents Goals*

Why Kids Play Sports – Why Kids Quit*

College Scholarships – Myths vs. Realities*

Educational Model vs. Pro/Business Model*


II. Parent Behaviors – Expectations

School Culture

What We Believe In* (PVH)

Parents Empowerment (parent to parent)

Permission Slip (this is my classroom)

Video - “What Kids Want Their Parents to Know about Sportsmanship”


III. Tools for Parenting Success

Questions to ask Your Child*

Body Language

Parent Coach Relationship

What Parents Can Expect from the Coaches*


Codes of Conduct*


IV. Three Things I Will Do This Season



Parent Handbook Includes:

* Items within Parent Handbook

Maps (school adds)

Eligibility (school adds)

What Parents Should Expect from Their School and Coaches

How to: Call Coaches

Call Teachers

Call AD

Parents Code of Conduct

This 45-minute presentation promises to set the “tone” for your schools’ parents for the year. The State CIF will provide the speaker, videotape, computer disc with the “Being a Sport Parent – A Guide to a Successful Experience” to the school for reproduction. These educational tools can be used again and again by the school for future parent meeting or by individual coaches at their booster club meetings.


Parent Night Sample Agenda