CIF Regional Football Proposal to Host Form

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This form must be completed by the principal of the host school and returned to the CIF-State Office. Once received, the school will be contacted by Ron Nocetti, Associate Executive Director. This report lists the estimated expense involved in conducting a CIF Regional Championship Bowl Game (and a possible State Championship Game at 6pm on Saturday, December 8). If there are other expenses, please include in the additional notes section located at the bottom of this form.

Schools may list their home site but are strongly encouraged to also submit a neutral site venue. Multiple sites may be submitted.



SoCal Contest Dates/Times:

All AA Divisions: Friday, November 30 @ 7:30pm 

All A Divisions: Saturday, December 1 @ 6:00pm


NorCal Contest Dates/Times:

All AA Divisions: Friday, December 7 @ 7:30pm 

All A Divisions: Saturday, December 8 @ 6:00pm


1. If the side is not on the property of the school submitting the proposal, then a letter from the governing agency of the site verifying availability must be submitted to the CIF.

2. Submission of a proposal to host implies that your school will operate and staff the venue, or has arranged for operation and staffing of the venue, according to the positions and costs listed on the Proposal to Host Form. The CIF will contact you to verify all expenses and make possible adjustments.

3. The following are seating guidelines for each division. Schools are encouraged submit a proposal even if they do not meet these guidelines as some regional bowl game match-ups may allow for a smaller venue. Also, schools are encouraged to submit more than one proposal if an off-site venue would allow for more seating as certain match-ups may require the CIF to move the game to a larger stadium.

Divisions 1-AA; 1-A: 3,000+

Divisions 2-AA; 2-A: 2,500+
Divisions 3-AA; 3-A: 2,000+

Divisions 4-AA; 4-A: 1,500+

Divisions 5-AA; 5-A: 1,000+
Divisions 6-AA; 6-A; 7-AA: 750+

4.  Schools may submit to be a host site even if their football team is not in the playoffs in case of the need for neutral sites that meet the location and seating requirements of particular games.



By submitting this form,  I confirm that the site proposed is available on the date/time for our division listed above, that the school/game site has an emergency action plan on file and that the seating and locker room capacities are accurate. I also confirm that there are an appropriate number of functioning restroom and shower facilities for the visiting team. The school site principal is aware of and agrees to all language above.

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