Transmission Rights

Any non-editorial, commercial or other unauthorized use of any transmission, internet stream, photo, image, film, videotape, audio tape, any play-by-play depiction or description of any competition and/or game action and/or any non-editorial or commercial use of any team school name or logo, is prohibited without written consent of the CIF.

CIF radio, television, cable and Internet policies relate to transmissions during the CIF Regional and State Championship events. Though there is no State CIF jurisdiction, there is local Section jurisdiction over regular-season/Section radio, television, cable or Internet transmissions of high school interscholastic competition,

By submitting the application for transmission, media and Internet sites agree to abide by all CIF regulations and policies regarding the transmission of events during the entire CIF Regional and State Championships, including the prohibitions on advertising and sponsorships as described in the “Advertising” section.

Please review the following CIF State Media Policies Reference Guide

Applications for CIF Regional and State Championship Audio Transmission Rights

Football Audio Transmission Rights Application

Basketball/Volleyball/Soccer Audio Transmission Rights Application


***Additionally, Spectrum owns all broadcast rights including television and internet. Please contact Rebecca Brutlag ( if you are interested in broadcasting a game via television or streaming online.